Creativity has always been about problem solving!


Most people believe creativity is a right brain activity. To organize a story or a song or a training schedule is left brain. You really need the whole brain. The right side may conceive, but it's up to the left side to organize all the details. It's as if they were made for each other.

First and foremost I believe we are all one. We are all spirits, residing in physical bodies, some human some not so much. To our brains, creativity is survival, it’s a primal response to life, our natural state of mind. Being unique individuals, we all respond in different ways. Some of us express that response to life by writing or with music or with a multitude of artistic and athletic pursuits. I do believe everyone has the potential to be creative. I believe it takes courage to be first to do anything. With all my heart, I believe all limitations are self imposed. We all create our own reality, by the decisions we make. The pain of disipline is better than the pain of regret.  


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